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About Us

We empower entrepreneurs and business owners to introduce Japanese-crafted products and brands to the Philippine market. Specializing in product development, packaging, pipeline management, logistics, and FDA documentation, we offer a comprehensive one-stop-shop system. This system is tailored to seamlessly guide you from product conceptualization to successful brand launch. Moreover, we provide customized value-added services to meet your specific needs.


Our primary goal is to provide products and services that enhance people's well-being, focusing on importing Beauty, Health, and Wellness products from Japan to the Philippines. We are dedicated to creating and delivering products that promote good health, enhance beauty, and optimize personal care. While our initial focus is on the Filipino market, our vision extends to establishing a global presence in wellness.


Recent scientific advancements have improved healthcare accessibility globally. While our current focus is on distributing Japanese products, our long-term goal is to evolve into a worldwide enterprise that advocates wellness on an international level.

We anticipate a growing trend in the Philippine market as Filipinos adopt Japanese consumer practices. With increasing awareness of the benefits of Japan-made food supplements, we expect more people to embrace them.

Our Vision

Happy family running on a hill
my daily collagen drink bottle, Osaka Japan background
Global Wellness Enterprises is broadening its network of partnerships.
Bringing renowned Japanese health beverage brands to the retail market in the Philippines.

Our Vision:

Our goal is to raise awareness about wellness among Filipino consumers, thereby enhancing the health and well-being of all individuals.

Our Mission:

We aim to offer products that contribute to people's well-being to our valued consumers. Additionally, we strive to introduce popular Japanese health beverage brands to the retail market in the Philippines.

Our Core Values:

Community & Trust: Being an international company, we deeply value the Filipino and global communities we serve. We hold in high regard and reciprocate the trust bestowed upon us.

Quality & Health: As a producer of healthcare products, we are dedicated to providing goods of outstanding quality that surpass international standards. Your well-being is our utmost priority.

Fairness: Whether as an employer or service provider, we treat our partners, employees, and customers with the equity that everyone deserves. We believe that respect and open-mindedness are crucial for effective communication in our diverse interactions.

Safety: Advocating for health, fitness, and well-being, we prioritize the lives and safety of all individuals involved in our operations. Safety is a fundamental requirement for good health.

Our History

Global Wellness Enterprises (GWE) envisions a world where health products are accessible to all who prioritize their well-being; a world where everyone can strive for their best self every day. As a business entity, GWE actively fosters growth and development: enhancing the well-being of their consumers, supporting the initiatives of their partners, and enhancing their ability to offer health opportunities.

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