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Global Wellness Enterprises is an organization that is about the health and wellness of people. The core purpose of our company is to provide and make products and services, that constitute the well being of our highly valued consumers, available.
It is our goal to develop and distribute relevant products that promotes good health, enhance beauty, and optimize personal care.  Initially distributing to the Filipino market, and ultimately being an enterprise that encompasses wellness in the global arena.

My Daily Collagen Drink is a concept inspired by our observation of the Japanese consumer behavior. Health and wellness drinks are readily available for busy people,  these products are available in all types of display channels such as health and beauty shops, drugstores, supermarkets, convenient stores and vending machines.  

We envision a trend in the Philippine market where Filipinos adapt this kind of consumer behavior as more and more people become familiar with the benefits of collagen.

We live in a society where beauty plays a big role. It is an undeniable edge and factor that are always being considered in our daily transactions. Society tells us that if we just looked a certain way, we will be socially acceptable and could enjoy certain societal benefits. The former dictates that beauty is about having a pretty face and having that perfect face symmetry. It is also about having defined, sharp features and a fair complexion. However, beauty should be more than that definition. Beauty is very subjective. In fact, Western ideas actually have influenced the Filipino culture thus dictating what beauty is all about.


Beauty is more than what the society dictates. Beauty has a larger definition than just the physical attributes. It goes down deep into the inner SOUL of BEAUTY which is being HEALTHY.

Living a healthy lifestyle will harness the power of translating the INNER FEELING to a positive image. This inner feeling will be the source of happiness and confidence which are the true meaning of beauty. 

Health and happiness are the key to beauty and keeping the mind, body, soul in balance, The NEW BEAUTY will develop and eventually unfold.

We are perfectly unique and that’s what makes us beautiful. You just have to enhance from within and let the soul of beauty radiate and speak for itself.

Start your day right and feel right. Jumpstart your healthy lifestyle now through My Daily Collagen®. 

My Daily Collagen® will serve as positive voice for balance, wellness, and radiant self-confidence in our society that would give you the edge you need.

My Daily Collagen

My Daily Collagen®

My Daily Collagen® is the everyday collagen drink for health and beauty.  Formulated to promote a firmer, youthful and radiant skin.  Fortified with Collagen, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Elastin and Royal Jelly.  

Being the flagship brand,  My Daily Collagen® is a healthy collagen drink made in Japan and exclusively distributed by Global Wellness Enterprise.

Most of us like having youthful, younger-looking and flawless skin, don't we?  Having flawless and youthful skin can be achieved through science, skin care and beauty products, but it cost a lot of money.  Another alternative, (and more effective) is eating vegetables and fruits, and maintaining proper diet and exercise and taking a daily dose of health liquid supplement.  But the question is how would you know if the product is legit and effective? 


My Daily Collagen is the answer!  My Daily Collagen is a food supplement liquid that helps you have younger looking skin, and a healthy body. My Daily Collagen has active ingredients that helps you to have younger looking skin and a healthy body.


By drinking My Daily Collagen everyday, it keeps your skin look young, flawless and makes your body healthy! With the effective combination of Collagen and Royal Jelly, My Daily Collagen is the ultimate health & beauty supplement!


Do you know what happens when you have collagen deficiency?  You will have sagging skin, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, brittle nails, dry skin, thin and lifeless hair, and joint weakness and cartilage stiffness.


My Daily Collagen has high quality collagen that has the ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Collagen is also good for your hair, nails, bones, and joint.  Collagen can also make your skin smooth and helps you lose weight and improves your digestion, and makes your skin have a healthy and radiant glow.



Cholesterol control, skin healing, prevents breast cancer, diabetes and blood sugar control, Antioxidant power, prevents osteoporosis and bone loss, helps you to sleep better. 

My Daily Collagen also has ceramide which replenish the natural lipids. They restore moisture, fortify the skin’s natural barrier and help protect it against harm from foreign elements.  Elastin is also one of the key ingredient since, elastin helps the skin to return to it’s original position. Not only that, My Daily Collagen has vitamins which can help you have a healthy body and skin. Vitamins has played an important part in our life. My Daily Collagencontains hyaluronic acid which creates a moisture barrier on the skin, helping to make it smoother and softer.


Beauty is more than what the society dictates. Beauty has a larger definition than just the physical attributes. It goes down deep into the inner SOUL of BEAUTY which is being HEALTHY.

Collagen Structure


Collagen provides nutritional building blocks required to improve skin structure.

Water Absorption


Increases water absorbing capacity of skin, making moist and smooth.

Radiant Skin


Improves skin smoothness, suppleness and elasticity.

Skin Protection


Reduces UVB induced skin damage.

Healthy Body

Collagen helps build up and repair of muscles in the body.

Sleep Well


Improves the quality of sleep.

Bone Density

Increases bone density and strengthens bone structure.

Promotes Hair Growth


Promotes hair growth, improves skin texture and  nail strength.  


Tissue repair within the arteries and it helps control blood pressure.

Boosts Athletic Performance

Collagen has been touted as an optimal

post-exercise nutrient.

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Repairs & Strengthen
Joint Cartilage & Tendon


Increases strength and mobility of joints and effectively rebuild joint cartilage, and  improves strength and flexibility of tendons and joints.   



I'm loving this collagen drink 'coz of it's yummy mango flavor.  #MyDailyCollagen is recommended for all women who want to have radiant and younger-looking skin. Try it now! @mydailycollagen

Ara Mina

This is such a welcome daily supplement to my endlessly busy schedules doing media coverage work. One bottle of #MyDailyCollagen each day keeps me on my toes while maintaining a vibrant glow on my skin. Highly recommended! Oh, did I say that my health has improved as well?

The best fluid I ever wanted before I go to sleep. #mydailycollagen#MadefromJapan Just so you all know, my days have never been better since i started drinking this! 😘

Maxine Medina

Norman Tinio

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Quezon City Philippines \\ Tel +632‎2422326 

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