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Transform your health and beauty for the better with My Daily Collagen

My Daily Collagen is a mango-flavoured liquid supplement drink

from Japan that provides the body’s requirement of collagen,

the protein necessary to keep skin radiant and healthy. More

than that, collagen plays an important role in improving the

body’s joint and tissue health.

Unlike other collagen brands, each My Daily Collagen bottle

has the right amount of easily-absorbed marine collagen

peptide, the purest and safest form, at 1000 mg for daily

intake—this ensures that the daily requirement of collagen is

supplied. What’s more, My Daily Collagen also contains Royal

Jelly, a nutritious substance that’s importance for cell growth

and reproduction.

My Daily Collagen is the only collagen drink in the market that

caters to both men and women. After all, we understand that

men need their daily dose of collagen, too and we made sure

our product is perfect for them!

My Daily Collagen Drink is a product of Global Wellness

Enterprise that develops, and distributes products that promote

good health, enhance beauty, and optimize personal care.


TIP: Take a bottle of My Daily Collagen once a day, either in

the morning or before you go to bed at night. Best enjoyed


My Daily Collagen is available in Mercury Drug.

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